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Goddess of Mercy / Mother of Compassion
Goddess of Mercy

Richard Kirsten Daiensai: Seattle artist, painter, printmaker, sculptor, and Zen Buddhist priest spent several months each year for 49 years wandering through Japan and Korea. Nearly all his paintings and prints were done in the quiet and solitude of those retreats, thus creating art that reflects the divine energy that exists in all things. Often, the spiritual quality of his work is tempered with a sense of cosmic joy and warm humor.

Paintings from the Artist's Private Archive
Over 150 paintings from the years 1969-2002
Now offered for sale through Kirsten Gallery
Displayed on fourteen web pages.
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Here are some samples of work from Daiensai's
most recent previous shows. A few of these pieces
may still be available, or a print may be available.

Spring 2015
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Spring 2012
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Spring 2011
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Spring 2010
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Spring 2009: Richard Kirsten Daiensai - Zen Fury
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May 2008: Daiensai and Friends
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March-April 2007 Show
Eternal Dreams & Rapture Born from the Heart

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May 2005 show of paintings and sculpture
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Daiensai's 2003 show
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Antique O-Jizo-San Sculptures
O-Jizo-San sculpture
Collected by Daiensai during his travels to Sado Island, Japan.
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Earlier work by Daiensai

The Six Stone Saints
The Six Stone Saints

Sermon (ca 1960) A/P image size 11" x 8½"

Bronze 'Calling Bird'
  Calling Bird
Bronze - ca 1960 - Height 36in - Sold.

Song of Faith
  Song of Faith

Love / Happiness
  Love / Happiness

"To know without knowing, to see without seeing, to work without
working, to create without thinking, is the work of divine forces."


Additional Work by Daiensai
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Original Prints by Daiensai
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All images copyright by the artist